All good things come to those who wait……… but sometimes you have to wait quite a while. The following are projects that are currently in development….the early stages of development. Like the lady in this picture, the destination is clear but the speed is…. well……


I’m 30! Fuck Off. 

Yeah that’s the title.  I just want to make people super uncomfortable when they have to buy a ticket face-2-face or over the phone. This is a play, in progress and due to be performed late spring in central Dublin. A comic exploration of the perils of turning 30 without being in relationship, having a mortgage or a driver licence. Or, for that matter, any logic sense of direction.


Jack – The Pumpkin Story

If you’re thinking of a Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas then you’re on the right track. A modern adaptation of lost legend of Irish mythology. Completely with visual and techno music – this is scheduled to be performed in London and Dublin in late October.






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