Christ, people with blogs are annoying. But feck it. I’m taking a break from shitty television to write this. I had the idea, for a long time to write a blog, but I kinda felt like I couldn’t since most people who write blogs aren’t very interesting. 

Thinking about it too indepthly, which is the only way to think about anything, …… what do I have to offer? What do I have to say? Blogs feel like a bit like a diary, although instead of shamefully storing it under a pillow, like a repressed gay man in the Victorian era, we simply add .com to it and literally broadcast it to everyone. 

So, instead of writing about my opinions… observations….. commentaries….. bla bla bla, I’m creating a list of actual conversations I’ve had with people. You can do the rest on your own… I’m off to the shop. I’m out of toilet paper. 


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