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I never use this blog as a way to promote any sort of agenda or political thinking. There are number of reasons for this. Lack of self-esteem, maybe, maybe. Not taking myself too seriously, perhaps. Fear, that it won’t be well received, could be. But in light of some recent events, it has become almost impossible to remain silent. My rage with this world has reached boiling point over the last number of days.

What the hell is he on about? I hear you ask. Well, there’s a lot of things that really bother me. Let me put it into context. The other day, I picked up a newspaper. It was not a tabloid but also not exactly high-end stuff like the Wall Street Journal International edition. I opened the newspaper and there it was splashed across Page 3. Brad and Angelina are no more. I couldn’t believe. Now, don’t go rushing to conclusions and be too quick to judge. Bare with me. Imagine, such a story like that..a celebrity divorce….. a Hollywood couple…. two famous actors …getting divorced.. on Page 3. PAGE 3 OF A REASONABLE AVERAGE NEWSPAPER THAT THE AVERAGE EDUCATED NORMAL PERSON MIGHT READ. What kind of a message does this send to society? What kind of world are we trying to create for our children? I know that most people reading this will completely agree with me, that such a story has no business being on Page 3.

It should be on the first page. By relegated it to the third page, many passersby might not have known about the story, because they would have to pick up the newspaper and open it. If it was on the first page, everyone would see it. And that why I’m pissed off. The government doesn’t want to you read it. Why? Because then you’ll start speculating about how and why they broke up and ultimately learn how to think for yourself. So what was on the front page….. oh you’ve guessed it. Hillary Clinton and Donald Fucking Trump. Don’t get me started. As if this is the first election ever in history. As if its the first time a woman and a wanker went to fight over the position. Nonsense, that’s happened hundreds of times. Probably even thousands of times. But definitely hundreds of times. America has had hundreds of presidents. Why will this one be any different? Its all a distraction and that’s what pisses me off, people are buying it. If you are not American… the American election doesn’t effect you… maybe it might not even effect some Americans. A recent conversation with my friends and all they wanted to talk about was the U.S election, Syria, and the Brexit. None of that matters or makes any impact on your life. And all the while, celebrities are breaking up and no one… NO ONE is talking about it.

It’s important not to misunderstand me here, and I don’t want to seem crazy. If you are interested in politics or economics or human rights, thats absolutely fine. You can watch it and read it and talk about it as much as you want. To each their own, as the expression goes. I’m not interested in those things but if you are, that’s fine. As long as they don’t distract you from celebrities. Celebrities are everything. Without celebrities what would happen to us? I’m not an expert, so whats going to happen after the split is beyond me, but I guess we can all speculate. Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is going to divorce Benjamin Button…. and the world just looks on. They have been in our lives for years. Inspired us, made us happy and changed our lives. I dedicate this blog to them. What can I do? I’m just one person. Maybe I can’t have an impact. Well, I can write about it and bring it to other peoples attention. Remember your voice does matter. Look what democracy has done for the world. X-Factor and the People’s Choice Awards. Without democracy, we would have Fascism, Nazis and less reality television. Never forget the power of democracy. It can do wonderful things, like Big Brother or terrible things like Susan Boyle. When a story of two people, that I’ve never met have decided to get divorced for reasons I don’t know, I must make sure more people know about it. Only then can we maybe prevent this from happening to famous people/

And this bring me on to my next point. There’s another news story that’s really bothering me. But before I talk about that, I want you to consider one thing. Do you know what the crime rate is in your area? Do you how many people are attacked, abused, killed, raped each year in your country? This is no laughing matter and something that each of us has a responsibility to improve. We can’t just rely on celebrities to tell us what to do. Recently I was reading an article about the US deficit. I just wanted to learn about it. I know its stupid but I kinda like to read about it. I was on the BBC website and there it was….. looking at me in the corner of my screen…… KIM KARDASHIAN WAS ROBBED. You guys, I’ll be the first person to admit it. I don’t know a lot about her and I should. I work a lot and when I get home from work, I’m tired and I sometimes don’t always watch the show. I’ve seen most of them, except for a couple. I might have missed maybe half of them. OK, I’ve only seen a couple for them…….. Well, if I’m honest I kinda only watched a bit of one and I got bored. In fact, I had to look up how to spell her name. If you think that’s bad and I’m an idiot my friend claimed he didn’t even know who she was. I was shocked. We are obviously missing something if people don’t know her. But again, it’s the government. They don’t want you to watch her show, they want to distract you and make you stupid with brainless issues.

That fact that Ms Kardashian’s robbery has been virtually ignored by every media outlet, should come as no surprise to those people who know something about everything and nothing about anything. Kardashian’s impact is constantly being underplayed by the people that control our world. Her program mixes a intoxicating mix of meta-fiction with reality based narrative structures. Not only is it the first reality TV ever, she is also the first attractive woman with supersize melons to appear on television. Where is the credit? Where is the recognition? No one even gives her the credit she deserves. She has built an entertainment empire and all the world wants to do, is talk about ISIS. The media is tricking us into believing that this is the first war, humanity has ever had. It isn’t. We’ve always had war. Nothing is going to change. But we haven’t always had ….. Kim Kardashian and if we are not careful, she might just stop making her groundbreaking show. It;s time we focused on what really matters.

A recent scientific study, by me, 2 minutes ago, concluded that watching the news about war makes you sad and watching news about celebrities makes you happy. So we know celebrities are good for us.

Ask yourself this – do you know what the protests in Venezuela are about? What does Boko Haram mean and where did it come from? Who is President Assad?

Of course, these are easy questions and yes, they are trivial.. but while you learn about that stuff… ask yourself this …….

What is Jennifer Aniston doing, right now? Did you know that Lady Gaga has a new single? Have you watched the latest episode of Jersey Shore?

Ah ha. Suddenly… not so smart. This is all happening and we are doing nothing. Please share this and help other people wake up….. to celebrities.

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